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Actividad 1: Construye un Contenedor de Compostaje de mentira

Cómo se construye un contenedor de compostaje?

– Caja de cartón
– Periódico
– Papel
– Lápices de colores o crayolas

Step 1: Ask your kid to teach you what they learned in class about composting, and build your own fake composting bin at home. They learned what the necessary components of a composting bin are; A plastic or wooden box, newspaper, food scraps, worms, and water.

Step 2: Take a cardboard box (it could be a shoe box or an empty cookie box, or you can make your own) and make little holes on the lid, so that air can come in.

Step 3: Take a newspaper and cut it into strips. Use it as the bedding.

Step 4: On a piece of paper, paint different kinds of food scraps. It can be fruits, vegetables, egg shells, tea bags, coffee, or any organic product. Cut them and put them in the bin.

Step 5: Your compost bin also needs worms! Think of creative ways to craft fake worms, such as using rope, gummy worms, spaghetti, or a braid made out of different colored threads.

For older students: You have been asked to shoot your own video to teach a far away family member
 how to build a worm bin.

1) Think about your oral presentation: What will you say?
2) Think about your demonstration: What will you show?
How will you use your Pretend Compost Bin to help you?
3) Think about the six shots: Which shot would make the most sense for each part? Why?

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